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Thanks for submitting!  We will contact you within 48 hours.

Now let's get you set up with a Team member profile.  Here's the bare minimum of what we need from you to get started:
  • Your Contact Info.  We've gotta be able to get a hold of you when we have the perfect event job in your area.

  • Some physical attributes.  Our clients sometimes have certain requirements or restrictions for their team. Only date of birth, sex, and t-shirt size are required, the rest are optional but helpful in getting you placed.

  • Skills and Qualifications.  

    • Experience. Let us know what types of events you have experience working. ​

    • Qualifications.  Some events require specific qualifications.  If you have any let us know so we can make sure we reach out to you with those needs.

    • Interest.   Events that match up with your interest are a ton more fun to work.  If you LOVE Football or NASCAR or something else. We especially want to get you on those events.

  • Photos.  We need at least 1 head shot photo of you ​smiling without any branding.  We need 2 more photos  of you.  These can be of you in action at your favorite event or just a nice photo with a good background.  Remember ​we will be sharing these photos with our clients, so keep them professional try not to use photos of groups, parties, consuming alcohol, or any other activities deemed unprofessional.  We want to give you the best chance of getting selected!

  • Work Areas.  We need to know what area you are willing to travel to.  Check as many areas as you'd like to receive notifications about.  Please keep in mind we generally cannot cover travel cost.​

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