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Our Photo Booths

For Any Occasion
From weddings and parties to hotel lobbies to music festivals.  Our many features can help you combine your experiences to create an amazing event! We can help you create events for small booths or permanent installations at your local pub. Our photo booths feature a True Glass Interface, where the iPad is discreetly hidden behind tempered glass. There is no direct contact with the iPad, ensuring a seamless touch-screen interaction.


Standard Features


If you think running a photo booth is fun and interactive, wait until you Roam at a Party!

You will get people chasing you down, forming lines on the dance floor or at a concert.

It's a whole new experience.


Our state-of-the-art photo booth comes equipped with a smooth tilting head that adjusts

for guests of all heights. It is a tiltable head unit, allowing you to capture a wide range

of subjects, such as Capture Short and Tall. Whether you're taking a photo of a large group

or an individual, the tiltable head unit makes it easy to adjust the camera angle

to suit your needs.


Our Photobooth is designed with a quick and tool-less face plate orientation system,

allowing for easy switching between landscape and portrait photos. This feature allows

you to take photos in your preferred orientation, ensuring that your photos are tailored to

your specific needs. Its easy-to-use design lets you quickly switch between landscape and

portrait modes, making it ideal for any occasion.


The ring light design, featuring a circular light source, creates a highly desirable "eye halo" effect in photographic and video graphics. The ring light design also allows for more accurate and even light distribution, creating a more pleasing and professional result. These high-performance RGBW LEDs can emit a powerful 4800 lumens of white light and are capable of generating a wide range of unique colors and patterns.


Our Rolling Case has a durable waterproof exterior, wheels, and tow handles, making it easy to maneuver and transport. Additionally, the case is custom-fitted with a foam insert to securely hold and protect our Photo Booth during transport.

Photo Experience Options

Single Photo

You can take A traditional photo style minus all the bells and whistles.


Take consecutive photos back-to-back to string them together, making a moving photo experience.


Similar to the GIF experience, snap photos consecutively to replay them back and forth.

Photo Layout

Use photo layouts to enhance your experience with print capabilities.

Digital Props

Leave your physical props behind by using our many digital assets to overlay your

guest's faces.

Green Screen

Using a green screen, choose a background to place behind your guests as a digital backdrop.


With our AI technology, you can now experience the green screen without the green screen.


Change the overall feel of your photo experiences by transforming the look of your guests

right on camera.

Add-On Features

Sharing Station

Set up a Sharing Station to run on a separate photo booth kiosk so your guests can easily find and share their photos. This will help you decrease the time your guests spend sharing with their friends and family at your photo booth and allow you more time to snap some amazing photos.  The Sharing Station Feature can be combined with any of our Photo Booth setups to help you create a fully customized experience for your customers. Use this opportunity to add some flare to your event by using branding, digital props, or our MAGIC experience.

Slide Show

The Slideshow feature can display photos to guests on a large monitor or Apple TV. This allows your guests at an event to see their photos live as they take them.

Battery Packs

The 8-hour battery pack option makes our photo booth ideal for extended use and mobility at events. This feature makes searching for an electrical outlet or using extension cords unnecessary.


Our Photo Booth print server works with Windows and Mac, allowing you to create immediate branded take-aways.


Our Photobooth is a highly customizable kiosk that is designed to showcase your brand in an impactful way. It features large, flat surfaces that are ideal for displaying graphics, logos, and other branding elements, allowing for easy application and removal of custom wraps and making it easy to change the look of our kiosk to fit your needs.

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