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What you need to know about Daylight Savings and DOT

Time changes at 02:00 am on March 14th 2021.

Does this mean I have to take an 11-hour break? No, the required duration is still 10 hours.

Do I have to take a 35-hour reset? No, the required duration of your break is still 34-hours.

Do I lose an hour on my 11, 14 or 70? No, the time from 2am to 3am will be blank on

your log and will not subtract from any of your DOT clocks.

What is the best way to check if I am legal on my HOS? Check your 30-min DOT on your ELD!

Please do not move your Commercial Vehicle until you are certain you have the hours to do so. IF IN DOUBT, CALL YOUR COMPANY'S SAFETY MANAGER OR DOT MANAGER!